MECATRONabhere to ISO quality assurance system, strict monitoring of the quality of each process, and the autonomy of the inspection. Allowing for zero defects, so that customers get the best quality products guaranted.

Incoming Inspection

In each of the parts before assembly required by the precision of the measuring to ensure the quality of precision parts.

Assembly Inspection

Each process is regulated by PRECISION GRANITE straight and right angle regulations to do calibration testing to ensure the ballscrew and linear guideway straightness, and the assembly of two axis verticality testing to achieve the assembly accuracy requirements.

Laser Calibration

All machines undergo laser calibration using strict Germany VDI 3441 srandards by RENISHAW equipment. Laser measuring system are used to check positioning accuracy, repeatability, backlash and offsets.

Ball Bar Inspection

RENISHAW 3-D ball bar tests are used to inspect circularity, servo-gain mismatch, vibration, stick-slip, backlash, repeatability and scale mismatch to ensure that the machine three-dimensional dynamic accuracy.

Workpiece Cutting Test

Before shipment each machine, strict implementation of standard workpiece cutting test, so that customers understand the machinery excellent cutting performance.