Horizontal Machining Center

HMC-320 / HMC-400(3 Axis Column Moving)

Horizontal Machining Center
  • Based on an excellent know-how technology ability and good teamwork, Mecatron Machinery Company always overcome lots of difficulties and just go ahead with great passion for machine building.
  • Owing to the best quality, technology, R & D and after-sales service to obtain customers trust.


  • The high efficiency and high speed parts machining petformance special on the 3C electronic products and small parts jobs.
  • High Quality Meehanite Casting Iron with coordinate X.Y.Z (3 Axis) traveling column design, stability and accuracy machine’s body structure to hold the working piece in place can quickly and completely corresponds to the automation, and makes the process more efficient.
  • ATC automatic tool change systems, has a fast 1.2 second tool change time showing quickly feedback.
  • APC table change by servo motor system, the 7 seconds for the fastest speed change time and more accurate positioning. To compare the hydraulic tank will be less noise, and more stability and fest machining efficiency. Also more easy for the service than the hydraulic tank system.
  • The small layout to save the factory space problem, can effectively use high prices of land facilities, more effective use of limited space and overall efficiency of the production line planning, with the configuration of the robot arm, effectively improving the multiple advantages.
  • One unit strong heavy casting base. To offer stability and accuracy machine’s structure.

Linear Guideways

Use of precision three-axis linear guideways, the travel moves fast and smooth, high-speed and highprecision machining for the needs of customers.


  MODEL HMC-320 HMC-400
Travel X Travel 400 400
Y Travel 350 350
Z Travel 350 350
Distance Between Spindle Nose to Table Center(Z) 100 - 450 100 - 450
Distance Between Spindle Center to Table Center(Y) 50 - 500 50 - 500
Max. work Swing Dimensions Ø320 Ø400
Table Table (Pallet) size 320 x 320 400 x 400
Table (Pallet) Load Capacity 300 300
Table Index 0.001° 0.001°
Pallet Talbe change time 7 7
Number of Pallet OPT.2 OPT.2
Spindle Spindle Taper BT40 BT40
Spindle Speed 10000 10000
Front Bearing Dimension 65 65
Spindle Driving Way Direct Driving Direct Driving
Feed Rate Rapid Feed Rate 48 48
Cutting Feed Rate 1 - 10 1 - 10
Ball Screw Spec. Ø40 Ø40
Guide Way Spec. 45/35/35 45/35/35
ACT Magazine Capacity (Arm Type) 16 16
Max. Tool Diameter 85 85
Max. Tool Diameter (No adjacent tool) 115 115
Max. Tool Length 200 200
Max. Tool Weight 7 7
Tool to Tool Weight 1.2 1.2
Chip to Chip time 1.5 1.5
Motor Spindle Motor (cont./30min) 5.5/7.5 5.5/7.5
X Axis Servo Motor 4 4
Y Axis Servo Motor 4 4
Z Axis Servo Motor 3 3
B Axis Servo Motor 2 2
Power Capacity 40 40
Other Coolant Tank Capacity 220 220
Machine Dimensions(L/W/H) 3500 x 2520 x 2500 3500 x 2520 x 2500
Machine Weight(Net) 5,800 6,000
*Design and Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.