5 Axis Machining Center


5 Axis Machining Center
  • MU-620 is designed for more complicated and higher precision machining requirement.
  • All the machines are equipped with high-level controller.
  • The precision surface machining can be completed in the shortest time.
  • It can not only improve productivity, but also extend the application range.

B And C Axis Rotary Table

  • The machine is equipped with B and C axis rotary table to achieve 5 axis machining.
  • The great ability of anti-vibration can achieve perfect machining accuracy.
  • Complex machining can fulfill wider product range and higher demand.
  • B Axis Tilting Angle: -110° ~ +110°
  • C Axis Rotating Angle: 360°
  • Table Loading: 200 kg (90°) / 300 kg (Horizontal)


  MODEL MU-620
Table Table Surface Ø650
Center Hole Size Ø55H7x12 in depth
T-Slots 18x5x100
Max. Workpiece Size Ø580 (50+R438)L
Table Loading 200 kg (90°) / 300 kg (Horizontal)
Travel Travel of X/Y/Z Axis 620/510/460
B Axis Tilting Range ±110°
C Axis Rotating Range 360°
Spindle Nose to Table 150
Spindle Spindle Transmission Type Direct Drive
Tool Shank 40 (BT/CAT/ISO)
Spindle Speed 12000 rpm (OPT:15000 rpm)
Cutting Feed Rate 1-20000 mm/min
X/Y/Z Rapid Feed 40/40/40 m/min
B/C Rotation Rate 25 rpm
Motor Spindle Motor 9/11 kw (Siemens)
X/Y/Z Axis Motor 3.1/3.3/4.9 kw (Siemens)
B/C Axis Motor 8.2/3.3 kw (Siemens)
Miscellaneous ATC type Arm 24T (OPT: Arm 32T)
Power Requirement 30 kw
Air Pressure 6 kg/cm2
Cooling Tank Capacity 250 L
Machine Weight 8500 kg
Machine Size (L x W x H) 3170x3900x2900
Control Siemens/ Heidenhain /Fanuc
(Auto 5 axis or 4+1 axis)
*Design and Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.